Traffic Violence Rapid Response

Traffic deaths are preventable and we will prevent them

The last few years of traffic violence have made the reality of our crisis all but undeniable. What can our city do to react to these tragedies in a meaningful way? Below are our 8 top actions we ugre leadership in the Oakland Mayor’s Office, the Department of Transportation and at AC Transit to act on, immediately:

  1. Remove the extreme visibility danger on all multi-lane stroads by converting them to streets with a single car lane per direction

  2. Daylight all intersections and install bollards or flex-posts to create pedestrian bulb-outs and prevent cars from taking turns at high speeds

  3. Allow for emergency flex-post and k-rail installations for quick-builds until resources are organized to prioritize long-term permanent safety changes

  4. Install wheel-stops to create temporary protected intersections until permanent safety upgrades can occur

  5. Remove parking where door-zone conflicts with the bicycle lane

  6. Establish a default design width of 10’ car lanes, 11’ bus lanes

  7. Place physical barriers between all bus-only lanes and car lanes, to prevent the bus-lane from use as a speedway

  8. Prioritize safety and equity over throughput by rescinding “traffic study” protocol prior to implementing traffic calming or lane re-allocation